Marble Horse Fountain in the manor

Speaking of those popular marble fountains. Recently, our factory has completed a very western style Horse Fountain. We were approached by a Canadian client who wanted a custom fountain for his estate. The bottom water tank of this Horse Fountain is 20 feet in diameter and 50 cm in height. This sculpture fountain is made of nature GuangXi white marble. The outer wall of the bottom water tank uses brass accessories, which are in the shape of flowers and have a retro flavor. The overall production time for this sculptural Horse Fountain started in January 2020 and was completed in May 2020. You can refer to many details about this fountain:

horse fountain detail

The horse and the water tank are made in Guangxi marble. Tray on top has to be more elaborate/decorative and beautiful not plain and have 12-inch slit 3 inches below the top of the rim of the tray for making 4 waterfalls between horses.

The lady statue should be 6 feet tall, should look down at the water, and should have a large pot/vas in her arm with water coming out of it. On her dress have smaller 6 pieces of flowers spread out. there is a large fish platform at the feet of the lady.

With the water flow system needed. The wider pipe attached to the water pump must have a stop/control system to control the height of water coming out of the water ring of pipes inside the tray. There has a proper ‘pool lining inside the wall of the tank so that there is no leak from the bottom end of the water pool. With it underwater 6 RGB-LED (changing colors) POOL-lights for the bottom pool and 4 for the water tray where the lady stands. the rim of the water tank also should have a groove on the outside wall rim so that a LED string/rope light can be attached as a hidden fixture all around the rim in the whole length of the rim.

The water pipes inside the mouths of the fish and horsed are shown flowing before shipping. For this marble horse sculpture, we also installed a safe lantern installation, which emits beautiful lights at night.

large fountain
horse fountain night

Other styles of Horse Fountain:

The image of Pegasus is a very romantic image whether in myths or people’s imaginations, so Pegasus sculptures are often used in marble fountains. Regarding the Horse Fountain, our factory has completed many different styles, and these four styles are very popular. The fountain made of Marisa white marble is no exaggeration to say that it can be regarded as a top-notch, pure and noble ivory background, coupled with looming crystals, the seamless combination makes Elizabeth show purity and no lack of taste, noble and unassuming. personality. This marble Horse Fountain with exquisite Pegasus sculpture and pure beige background can easily create a fashionable and noble atmosphere.

white marble fountain
black horse fountain

Black marble is beloved for its mysterious atmosphere and ease of care. This black marble horse fountain is harmonious and vivid, the natural ingenious workmanship, and the carved marble is amazing. The image of the horse and the three-layer design of the fountain are matched with the green in the environment, which further shows the mystery and nobility of this fountain. The sunset red marble has a very good tonal beauty as a whole. The image of the Pegasus sculpture is vivid and vivid, and the craftsmanship is exquisite, giving people a supreme visual enjoyment. After the Horse Fountain is opened, the clear water and the exquisite fountain sculptures form a unique craftsmanship, which is very gorgeous and atmospheric. There are also natural GuangXi white marble materials, each material has its own characteristics, when you choose for your garden or estate, match the appropriate style to create a comfortable environment and scenery for you.

detail fountain
factory fountain

Application of Horse Fountain in shopping mall:

Animal fountains have not only existed in outdoor gardens, but these beloved elements have gradually moved into modern life. This sandstone horse sculpture fountain becomes a unique view of the mall’s indoor center. The material is simple and elegant, with a hard, wear-resistant, and heavy-duty texture. In the center of the circular cistern, four horse sculptures form a circle. Each horse sculpture has two front legs hanging in the air. The shape of the fish tail. Strange figures exist in mythology. Together, they support a petal-shaped cistern. The top of the Horse Fountain is an oval flower bone, the pattern on it is meticulously carved, its surface texture and strong plasticity and expressiveness bring a delicate texture and a noble visual sense, perfectly showing today’s fashion elements. With the gurgling water, people in the mall will also feel very comfortable.

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