Large-scale stone fountains are difficult to install. Due to specifications and weight issues, external cranes and forklifts are required to assist, and stone fountains need to be assembled according to structural components. So you need certain installation skills and steps.

Tools: cranes, forklifts, cement or stone glue, water pipes, submersible pumps, super flat rulers.


1. First, unload each part of the large stone fountain with a crane (forklift can be used for a small stone fountain). The unloading process should be very cautious and pay attention to safety. People should not walk or stand under the stone sculpture fountain to avoid the rope falling off and hurting people.) The rope fixing the stone sculpture fountain should be strong and fixed before moving after checking. Steel wire or iron chains or thick belt ropes are generally used.

2. According to the design and shape of the stone sculpture fountain, place it layer by layer from the bottom layer to the high layer on the foundation stone in the center of the fountain. It is easy to install. Pass the first-layer base column through the middle of the pipeline, and place it smoothly. Put the first-layer water basin, the column and the second-layer water basin into the central water pipe layer by layer. The length of the pipe is not enough. The height of the stone sculpture fountain changes and the length is grafted until it reaches the water outlet at the top of the stone sculpture fountain.


3. During the installation process layer by layer according to the structure, to measure whether the water basins on each layer are installed horizontally and quite firmly, you can use a spirit level to measure and fix with cement.

4. After the overall installation is completed, the submersible pump will be connected to test the water to ensure that the water flows evenly in each basin. (This is also the key to measuring the level. or low flow).

5. After the whole is completed, clean up the garbage on the inside of the fountain and the stone fountain basin to ensure that the whole is clean and the running water is pure and free of impurities. For some installation details, please consult the supplied stone fountain manufacturer.


Precautions for installation of marble fountain:

First of all, because the shape of the bottom of each fountain is different, it is necessary to carry out a mechanical test on the bottom of the pool before construction to avoid accidents during the construction process.

Secondly, the waterproof layer at the bottom of the fountain is the main facility to isolate the water layer of the fountain. When choosing the waterproof material, it must be carefully selected. The quality of the material used determines the overall life of the fountain.

Finally, each type of fountain will have many control systems. In the process of setting and construction, it is best to divide different control facilities into segments, which can speed up the investigation work when the equipment fails.

Therefore, when building a fountain, it is not only necessary to measure the bearing capacity of the bottom of the fountain, but also to choose the waterproof material of the fountain, and in order to solve the problem more quickly in the subsequent maintenance, it is best to carry out the construction of the control facilities of the fountain. .