Stone carving fountain stone carving and fountain combination, can reflect the hard stone carving, but also show the soft beauty of water, they are beautiful and charming. Often become the center of the square. We need to customize it for maintenance, in order to maintain the charming appearance for a long time. Before the stone fountain is used, a layer of wax should be played in the stone fountain, because the wax is a kind of airtight material, applied on the surface will make the fine hole of the stone closed, and the layer of wax should be removed after the wax, so that there will be air permeability. There is now a more commonly used protection is permeable protection products, this product is more solvent or water, some useful waterproof materials to the stone interior. Form a protective barrier to protect the stone fountain from water and liquid damage.

Maintenance of marble fountains

1. Regularly clean water marks on the surface and inside of the fountain. First to empty the water of the stone fountain, especially the standing water that is not used for a long time, to do completely empty, the sewage outside should also be wiped clean.

2. Choose neutral or slightly alkaline cleaning agent. When cleaning the surface of the stone carving, wipe it with a wet cloth. In this process, it is best to choose neutral or slightly alkaline cleaning agent. Acid cleaning agent must not be used to destroy the material of the stone carving.

3. Maintain fountain utilization. High quality water pump and appropriate power pump can prolong the service life of stone fountain. The fountain should be opened often, and the stone fountain can keep good color and brightness in the water.

4. Wax protection. After being used for too long, the fountain sculpture loses its original brightness and can be coated with wax. However, it is best to have professional fountain wax manufacturers to avoid damage in the wax process.

process of fountain

Restoration of marble fountain

There are the following two cases for the repair of the stone fountain that has been damaged:

If you can find the drop part of the stone fountain water bowl gap, we only need to add stone glue, and then restore the gap position, and finally carry out the complementary color of stone powder, until dry, and then polish it.

If you can’t find the gap of the stone fountain water bowl, it will be relatively troublesome:

First of all, we need the first step to find the corresponding stone, and color and color can not be too bad.

Second, cut the incision so that the stone fountain cut into a regular shape, not irregular uneven state.

Third, carve a notched substitute from the stone you find and stick it on.

Finally, grind, and cover the gap with stone powder, and finally wait for the stone powder to be completely dry in grinding, and finally appear a very natural stone color and can not see the gap.

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Anti-freezing measures of marble fountain in cold environment:

When freezing temperatures occur, your fountain or sculpture may suffer freezing damage. Any component that is filled with water and freezes can break, so if possible, the fountain should be stored indoors or outdoors in a dry, protected area. However, if you must leave your fountain outside in freezing temperatures, here are some tips for protecting your fountain:
1. Remove pumps, rubber plugs, drainpipes, connectors and other small parts for storage indoors. Please note that when water accumulates in any pool, the stopper or drain pipe will be removed for drainage.
2. It is recommended that you lift the fountain base or small fountain basin from the ground with wooden strips, because it should be kept outdoors so as not to freeze the fountain base in contact with the ground.
3. You can cover your marble fountain with a fountain cover, or if you don’t have a fountain cover, cover the fountain with any other absorbable material (old blankets or towels), then cover the fountain with plastic to ensure that water does not accumulate in the fountain and form a freeze.
4. Then, you can secure the plastic with string and other materials to make sure it will firmly enclose the garden fountain.
5. You should check the marble fountain regularly to ensure that there is no stagnant water left in the marble fountain components.