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Warm texture animal sculpture small art greek lion fountain outdoor

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We all know that the lion is a very great existence, whether it is in myths or the feng shui theory that has been passed down to this day. Its existence proves many meanings of guardianship. In ancient times, the lion also became the guardian of many countries or soldiers. , its meaning is very important, and now we have added lion elements to the greek lion fountain outdoor, just like this off-white marble fountain, its base is a hexagonal top and four sides, standing 4 The lions were half squatting and spewing water out of their mouths. They were four lions around a pillar, and there was a very large cistern on it. There were small holes on the edge of the cistern for the water to flow out. The whole cistern, the greek lion fountain The outdoor design is very reasonable, and the beige material shows a very unique and warm texture in the sun. Our tank can be customized to a suitable size and sprayed around to create a very beautiful water flow. This is in the environment. It is very important in the garden, this beige marble greek lion fountain outdoor, although only one cistern, can set off the green scenery in the garden, showing the unique greek lion fountain outdoor scenery. If you want a lion to protect and feng shui in your environment, and also to attract money, you can choose this marble fountain, lion fountain.


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