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Modern home ornament children marble pond fountains for sale

NO.: AKSY-129

Size: Lifesize / Custom Made Size

Material: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite

Surface: Carved

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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A very classic western character pond fountains for sale. Not only suitable for private villa yard decoration. Suitable for any style of environment. These pond fountains for sale have a large cistern with the best part in the middle. Three-story stone column pool design. On the bottom of the big pool is a circle of sculptures of children, the sculptures of children are naked and very cute. Holding different objects in his arms. With the development of society and the continuous improvement of the economy, there may also be many garden fountains, park fountains, campus fountains, etc. The pond fountains for sale are not just an ornament. It further highlights that with the progress of the times, stone carving crafts become more perfect and have different shapes. With pond fountains for sale, the taste of the community will be improved, it will appear more fashionable, more youthful, naturally.


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